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Malahide Young Musician of the Year 2024 Sunday programme.png

All competitors are reminded that they are required to bring a copy (photocopy) of their music score, to give to the adjudicator while they play their pieces. You are not required to know your piece off by heart, and can use sheet music, but the adjudicator needs a copy to follow along as you play. We will provide music stands.


In a similar vein, if your piece requires our accompanist to play along with you, they will need a copy of that score. The adjudicator only needs your own score.


You should arrive at the school in good time for your own competition. People will only be allowed to enter the hall between performances. Please follow the instructions of the usher at the door. Of course everyone is welcome to attend as early as you wish and listen to the other competitions, or to stay after your own. Everyone is also welcome to bring family and friends along too. Please do come along and support your fellow competitors and friends.


Remember to put all mobile phones on silent before entering the hall. We don't want to upset any of the competitors with unexpected distractions, we want everyone to enjoy the experience.


Finally, remember that the most important thing is to enjoy the experience of playing your piece in front of a live audience. For many of you it will be the first time you may have got to do this. Everyone will be just as nervous as you, so don't let a few nerves put you off. We all look forward to hearing everyone play their pieces and enjoy a wonderful weekend of music and song.


Best of luck to all the competitors, and see you all at the weekend.

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