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Rules & Conditions


1. The competition is open to all persons who are under 19 years of age and are either resident in Malahide, Portmarnock or Kinsealy or attending school or music lessons in Malahide, Portmarnock or Kinsealy for a period of not less than three months prior to 1st April of the competition year. In the case of Group and Vocals Sections, the upper age limit is 22 years.

2. If sufficient entries are received in individual categories, competitions with lower age limits will be added in those categories. These additional competitions will normally be for Under 11s and/or Under 14s.

3. In all cases competitors must be under the relevant age limit on 30th June of the competition year.

4. The overall winner of the Young Musician of the Year title is not eligible to compete in any individual section of the competition in subsequent years. This exclusion does not apply to the Group Section.

5. Competitors may enter one or more categories of the competition. Competitors may enter the same category more than once if they are performing on different instruments within that category e.g. violin and cello or flute and recorder.

6. Entry forms for the competition, clearly and fully filled out should be submitted/returned together with entry fee no later than the closing date indicated. In no circumstances will fees be returned.

7. Competitors shall perform two contrasting pieces with a total duration of not more than 8 minutes.

8. Competitors shall furnish copies of their test pieces to the Adjudicator on the day of the competition, if such copies are available.

9. An official accompanist is available to competitors if required and a specified contribution towards the cost of this is payable at the time of entry. A rehearsal with the accompanist prior to the date of the competition is mandatory for competitors availing of this service. Competitors may, with the prior approval of the Committee, provide alternative accompaniment/backing track at their own expense.

10. The decision of the Adjudicator shall, in all cases, be decisive as to merit. In all other cases the decision of the Committee will be final.

11. Competitors shall, where requested on reasonable notice, produce a valid Birth Certificate to the Committee before or on the date of their participation in competitions. Failure to do so will mean disqualification from the relevant category.

12. If, in the opinion of the Committee, insufficient entries are received in any given category, categories may be grouped to achieve an acceptable competitive level.

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