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Summary of Rules

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Image by Iain Cridland

1. All competitors, other than those in the Vocals and Group Sections, must be under 19 years of age on 30th June of the year of the competition. In the Vocals and Group Section, competitors must be under 22 years of age on 30th June.

2. Competitors should perform 2 contrasting pieces with a total duration of not more than 8 minutes. There are no restrictions as to the genre of music to be performed.

3. Entry fee is 18 Euro per person. Competitors may enter a category more than once if they play different instruments within that category and may also enter more than one individual category. There is a maximum fee of 30 Euro for multiple entries by an individual. There is a maximum fee of 35 euro for multiple entries by members of the same family. In the Group Section the fee is 25 Euro per group and any competitor may be a member of more than one group. Entry forms must be accompanied by the appropriate fee.

4. Competitors requiring the services of the official accompanist are required to make 30 euro contribution towards the cost of this. Alternatively, competitors are permitted to provide their own accompanist/backing track.

5. Competitors must be under the relevant age limit on 30 June of the competition year. All competitors must be either resident in Malahide, Portmarnock or Kinsealy or attending school or music lessons in Malahide, Portmarnock or Kinsealy.

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